A Way For Citizens to Earn Money Freelance.

COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ ~ a Privatised Community Oriented FranchiseFormula&Company For WELL ORGANISED SENSIBLE FAMILY COMMUNITY With Healthy Trade [Community System]

Production for Retail Stores, by Citizens via CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishments.

Growing & Experiencing Community does not need to be a non-profit approach.

In the past, Community Building in the UK and USA was as if an Economic Exchange/Trade System did not exist. Funding of Community Building as a non-profit activity, via personal gifts, company sponsorships and Earthly Government grants was a fair attempt, however We believed Building & Experiencing Community was and is to be rooted in Our Economy, with a viable and sustainable Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™: For SENSIBLE FAMILY COMMUNITY With Healthy Trade.

People have demand for a way to earn a biological living. We at COMMUNITY.BUSINESS (a Sister Company of REALLIFE.DESIGN & UNITED HOLLAND) came up with a system to combine Community and earning freelance income. At this moment, that seems the best of both worlds. Coming together with Local Community, enjoying each others’ presence and being Productive with creating Community.Productions™ Labeled Products by Retailers request & Community Members’ suggested designs.

Community.Business™ Establishments (Franchise)

This is for FAMILY COMMUNITY Oriented owners of registered companies (e.g. restaurants, lunchrooms, cafés) Internationally, whom like to make the shift from catering oriented to Community Oriented Events with an emphasis to Healthy Trade.

Some clarification about Community Oriented Events:

Our experience is that ‘Community Building’ is preferably integrated (not a main goal by itself) in Program=>Projects. What We have in COMMON is that We All try to attain PEACE and that We are trying together as a Community: That’s Our Program!

Even when PEACE situation is attained for All PEOPLE, getting to know each other more would be more natural when there is/are (a) matter(s) to talk about and something to be busy with.

Community.Business™ Establishments have Relation with CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s) (see below).


A COMMUNITY Resourced Product Label, with design & production by Community Members in:

CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishments (Franchise)

This is for FAMILY COMMUNITY Oriented Entrepreneurs whom per Establishment, set-up & manage physical workshop (factoring) space. For example, their roles are to Mediate between Citizens’ COMMUNITY Members & FAMILY COMMUNITY Oriented Retailers and facilitate Community.Productions™ labeled products creation.

For example:

=) a Retailer may place a Community.Productions™ product request at a CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establisment.

  1. That CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment may list this product request and release to their Local Community Network.
  2. Depending on detail of product request, Community Members may respond with product designs, estimated labour fee and production materials costs for that product request.
  3. If a product design is accepted by CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establisment, that product design may be forwarded to requesting Retailer.
  4. If Retailer accepts product design (incl. quantity) and pays a fin. deposit (production material(s) cost(s)) to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establisment, then product designing Community Member(s) are asked to buy product materials with (a) (VAT) invoice(s) and after bought production materials with invoice(s) are delivered to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment, Community Member(s) are facilitated (perhaps scheduling required) with workshop space (and perhaps production equipment) to try to produce (*) the physical product(s) of which they proposed their product design within intentional proposed time frame.
  5. Product(s) is/are labeled during/after production with Community.Productions™ Product Label(s) and is/are supplied to Retailer after payment of remaining amount.

=) Community Members may suggest product ideas and production intention to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establisment.

  1. If CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment initially accepts product idea and intentional production time frame
  2. Then if (a) Retailer(s) accept (a) product idea(s) (incl. (partial) quantity and intentional production time frame) and pays a fin. deposit to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™
  3. These Community Members are then asked to purchase production material(s) with (a) (VAT) invoice(s) and deliver to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment,
  4. Then Commmunity Members are facilitated (perhaps scheduling required) to produce (*) products at that CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establisment, Labeled (Community.Productions™) during/after production
  5. And after Retailer pays remaining amount of order, consisting of labour fee of Community Members and facilitating fee (& perhaps including equipment use fee), supplied to (a) Retailer(s) to offer for sale in their store.

*) Advise to chunk/divide larger quantity orders into smaller deliverables for multiple reasons, with main reason that producing Community Member(s) receive payment within an acceptable time frame for them. E.g. if a Retailer order 10 coats and it estimated takes 3 days to produce 1 coat, there may be a first partial order complete after 2 or 3 coats. Retailer may be notified with a first partial order complete and request for remaining amount for this partial order to be paid. Once payment is received, these 2 or 3 coats are supplied to Retailer with Community.Productions™ Product Label by CommunityWorkshop.Pro Establisment.

Retailers are required to have a valid Chamber of Commerce registration of the Country their company is based.

Participating Community Members are required to show their passport/ID card (for registration: with legal document showing fiscal id, matching name on passport/ID card) to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s) they participate with. Fin. payments to Community Member(s) are (per order) transfered to a National Bank account of Country where CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment is based and is done in 2 parts:
1. payment for reimbursement of advanced payment of material(s) cost(s) & 2. freelance compensation, with Community Member(s) having responsibility to report this freelance income to their Country’s Tax Office.

Participating Community Members may also be people with their own sole-proprietorship company (and VAT) registration (with legal reg. document(s)) with maximum 1 registered participing household partner (minimum biological age & maximum hours per day/week/month applies and may differ per Country) and are required to show passport(s)/ID card(s). Production is required to be done at (a) CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establisment(s).

Excellentor™ Course

For Enterprises, non-Enterprise Companies & Personal (Semi-)Professionals:

Click to go to Excellentor™ Course Page (at this site)


Momentarily there is an opportunity to make a voluntary non-binding investment in Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™. If you would like to take up on this opportunity, you may transfer an amount of your choice with a minimum of € 500 to bank account mentioned below (in the footer) with reference: “Voluntary non-binding investment”. If applicable, financially, you will receive your investment back, with a fair extra amount transfered to the account you used to make your voluntary non-binding investment.

NL: Dutch

Momenteel is er een mogelijkheid om een vrijwillige niet-bindende investering te doen in Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™. Als je van deze gelegenheid gebruik wilt maken, dan kun je een bedrag naar keuze met een minimum van € 500 overmaken naar onder vermeld (in de footer) rekeningnummer met omschrijving: “Vrijwillige niet-bindende investering”. Indien van toepassing, financieel, ontvang je jouw investering terug met een fair extra bedrag op je bankrekening vanuit welke je een vrijwillige niet-bindende investering deed.