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A Way For Citizens to Earn Money Freelance.

COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ ~ a Privatised Community Oriented FranchiseFormula&Company For WELL ORGANISED SENSIBLE FAMILY COMMUNITY With Healthy Trade [Community System, Invented ± 17 August 2023]

Production intentional for Elegant.Boutique™ & Elegant.Store™, by Citizens via CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishments.

Growing & Experiencing Community does not need to be a non-profit approach.

In the past, Community Building in the UK and USA was as if an Economic Exchange/Trade System did not exist. Funding of Community Building as a non-profit activity, via personal gifts, company sponsorships and Earthly Government grants was a fair attempt, however We believed Building & Experiencing Community was and is to be rooted in Our Economy, with a viable and sustainable Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™: For SENSIBLE FAMILY COMMUNITY With Healthy Trade.

People have demand for a way to earn a biological living. We at COMMUNITY.BUSINESS (a Sister Company of REALLIFE.DESIGN & UNITED HOLLAND) came up with a system to combine Community and earning freelance income. At this moment, that seems the best of both worlds. Coming together with Local Community, being Productive with creating Community.Productions™ Labeled Products by Elegant.Boutique™ /Elegant.Store™ request & Community Members’ suggested designs AND enjoying each others’ presence!


This is for All FAMILY (Citizens) Community Members, whom have a place to come together to do & talk about business, also CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Matters (mentioned below). Also, CommunityBusiness.Events™ (Main Theme) are intentionally hosted at COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ Establishments, with Names for cafes: Elegant.Cafe™, for restaurants: Elegant.Restaurant™, for lunchrooms:™ & for party-centers: ElegantParty.Center™.

Some clarification about Community Business Events:

Our experience is that ‘Community Building’ is preferably integrated (not a main goal by itself) in Programme=>Projects. What We have in COMMON is that We All try to attain PEACE and that We are trying together as a Community: That’s Our Programme!

Even when PEACE situation is attained for All PEOPLE, getting to know each other more would be more natural when there is/are (a) Project(s)/Programme(s) to talk about and to be busy with.

COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ Establishments have Relation with CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s) (see below).


A COMMUNITY Resourced Product Label: Elegant.Moda™ (for Clothes via Elegant.Boutique Establishments) &™ (for other than Clothes, with ‘ooo’ meaning: ‘hugs’, via Elegant.Store™ Establishments), with design & production by (Citizens) Community Members in:

CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishments

For example:

=) Elegant.Boutique™ /Elegant.Store™ may request a Community.Productions™ Labeled product from (a) CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment:

  1. That CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment may list this product request and release to their Local Community Network.
  2. Depending on detail of product request, Community Members may respond with product designs, estimated labour fee and production materials costs for that product request.
  3. If a product design is accepted by CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment, that product design may be forwarded to requesting Elegant.Boutique™ / Elegant.Store™.
  4. If Elegant.Boutique™ / Elegant.Store™ accepts product design (incl. quantity) and pays a fin. deposit (production material(s) cost(s)) to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment, then product designing Community Member(s) are asked to buy product materials with (a) (VAT) invoice(s) and after bought production materials with invoice(s) are delivered to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment, Community Member(s) are facilitated (perhaps scheduling required) with workshop space (and perhaps production equipment) to try to produce* the physical product(s) of which they proposed their product design within intentional proposed time frame.
  5. Product(s) is/are labeled** during/after production with Community.Productions™ Product Label(s) and is/are supplied to Elegant.Boutique™ / Elegant.Store™ after payment of remaining amount.

=) Community Members may suggest product ideas and production intention to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment:

  1. If CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment initially accepts product idea and intentional production time frame.
  2. Then if (a) Elegant.Boutique™ / Elegant.Store™ accept(s) (a) product idea(s) (incl. (partial) quantity and intentional production time frame) and pays a fin. deposit to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™.
  3. These Community Members are then asked to purchase production material(s) with (a) (VAT) invoice(s) and deliver to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment.
  4. Then Community Members are facilitated (perhaps scheduling required) to produce* products at that CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment, Labeled** (Community.Productions™) during/after production.
  5. And after Elegant.Boutique™ / Elegant.Store™ pays remaining amount of order, consisting of labour fee of Community Members and facilitating fee (& perhaps including equipment use fee), supplied to Elegant.Boutique™ / Elegant.Store™ to offer for sale to Public.

=) A Company with Publivity™ C.S.R. Membership (link: at this site) may request an Elegant.Store™ or Elegant.Boutique™ Establishment for finishing some of their semi-finished products( and if applicable provides finishing materials/equipment):

  1. The requested Elegant.Store™ or Elegant.Moda™ Establishment may forward this request to (a) CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s).
  2. If requested CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s) accepts request, then they list this product finishing request (if applicable that finishing materials are provided, then plus refundable*** participation fee) and release to their Local Community Network.
  3. Depending on detail of product request, Community Members may respond with product finishing designs, estimated labour fees (and if applicable production materials costs) for that semi-finished products finishing request.
  4. Elegant.Boutique™ / Elegant.Store™ forwards product finishing designs (incl. labour fees (which may vary)) to requesting Company.
  5. If requesting Company accepts designs and pays a financial amount (facilitation fee) to Elegant.Boutique™ or Elegant.Store™, then from Company received facilitation fee is transfered to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s) with accepted designs and labour fees.
  6. Then product designing Community Member(s) are either
    • asked to buy product finishing materials with (a) (VAT) invoice(s) and after bought product finishing materials with invoice(s) are delivered to CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment, Community Member(s) are facilitated (perhaps scheduling required) with workshop space, semi-finished product(s) (and perhaps finishing equipment) to try to finish the semi-finished products of requesting Company for which they proposed their product design(s) within intentional proposed time frame.
    • asked to pay refundable*** participation fee(s) (if finishing materials are provided by requesting Company). Community Member(s) are facilitated (perhaps scheduling required) with workshop space, semi-finished product(s) and finishing material(s)( and perhaps finishing equipment) to try to finish the semi-finished product(s) of requesting Company for which they proposed their product design(s) within intentional proposed time frame.
  7. Product(s) is/are labeled** during/after production with Community.Productions™ Product Label: Elegant.Moda™ or™ and is/are supplied to Company via Elegant.Boutique™ / Elegant.Store™ after payment of remaining amount.

*) production: Advise to chunk/divide larger quantity orders into smaller deliverables for multiple reasons, with main reason that producing Community Member(s) receive payment within an acceptable time frame for them. E.g. if Elegant.Boutique™ orders 10 coats (Elegant.Moda™ Label) and it estimated takes 3 days to produce 1 coat, there may be a first partial order complete after 2 or 3 coats. Concerning Elegant.Boutique™ Establishment may be notified with a first partial order complete and request for remaining amount for this partial order to be paid. Once payment is received, these 2 or 3 coats are supplied to Elegant.Boutique™ with Community.Productions™ Product Label: Elegant.Moda™ by a CommunityWorkshop.Pro Establishment.

**) labeled: With QR-code on Label, with link to some product story background at a COMMUNITY.BUSINESS Site, intentionally this will later be at…

***) refundable participation fee: Only refundable if & after Community Member finishes requesting Company their semi-finished product(s).

Participating Community Members are required to first register online for an Eleganthe.ID™, agreeing with HumaneDynamics™ Some Principles and that they have asked The Faith Question mentioned there with inner voice.
At CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment, they are individually asked Eleganthe.ID™ Code and show passport/ID card also used for registration to obtain an Eleganthe.ID™ Code, if applicable with residence- & work permit.
Financial payments to Community Member(s) are (per order) transferred to a National Bank account of Country where CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment is based and is done in 2 parts:
1. payment for reimbursement of advanced payment of material(s) cost(s) OR Refund of Participation fee & 2. freelance gross compensation, with Community Member(s) having responsibility to report this freelance income to their Country’s Tax Office. They may owe their Tax Office taxes over paid out freelance gross amount(s).

Participating Community Members may also be people with their own sole-proprietorship company (and VAT) registration (with legal reg. document(s)) with maximum 1 registered participating household partner (minimum biological age & maximum hours per day/week/month applies and may differ per Country) and at CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment is/are asked Eleganthe.ID™ Code(s) and show passport(s)/ID card(s) also used for registration to obtain Eleganthe.ID™ Code, if applicable with residence- & work permit. Production is required to be done at (a) CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s).

Run a COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ Franchise Establishment?

FAMILY COMMUNITY Oriented owners of registered companies (for example: Party-Centers, Restaurants, Lunchrooms, Cafés) Internationally, whom like to make the shift from catering oriented to Community Business Events with an emphasis to Healthy Trade.
This could mean a ‘COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™’-Sticker on the entrance door OR a more visible sign (AND perhaps later a listing in COMMUNITYBUSINESS.Directory™). This is only for Public whom have obtained an Eleganthe.ID™ and can either show it via an App on their Smartphone or a physical Card.

~ To apply, see Form below.

Run a CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Franchise Establishment?

This is for FAMILY COMMUNITY Oriented Social Entrepreneurs whom per Establishment, set-up & manage physical workshop (factoring) space. For example, their roles are to Mediate between (Citizens) COMMUNITY Members & Elegant.Boutique™ /Elegant.Store™ and facilitate Community.Productions™ labeled products creation.
~ To apply, see Form below.

Run an Elegant.Boutique™ or Elegant.Store™ Franchise Establishment?


This is for (aspiring) Store Owners, whom like to sell Community.Productions™ Labeled Products, Designed & (Co-)Created by (Citizens) Community Members.
For Elegant.Boutique™ Establishments, We intend at least 1 Body Scanner (underwear (not shorts) can be kept on) for intentionally tailor made clothes, per Establishment.
Purchase option is only for Public whom have obtained an Eleganthe.ID™* and can either show it via an App on their Smartphone or a physical Card.

*) Why Eleganthe.ID™ necessary for purchase? So that for example: Sisters do no lawsuit other sisters whom tried to do Very Good with what was given to them.


~ To apply, see Form below.

Form: Request Info About COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™

Publivity™ C.S.R. System (Corporate/Company Social Responsibility)

Click to go to Publivity™ C.S.R. System Page (at this Site)

Click to go to UNITED HOLLAND (.COM) ElegantLand™ (Our Initial Site, Since in 2007) :

Who’s behind COMMUNITY.BUSINESS? & More

YEJO(ŸNNE) & YOVI(ËNNE) whom are 2/6 of the 6 x 1/6 SOULS (+ 1 x 7th SOUL GROUP ID NAME: ELINE), inhabiting person with Earth-legal name: Michael Roeten (born at The Hague, South-Holland, NL in 21 January 1974) , Founder Executive Director, NL Army Veteran, Information System Analyst/Designer, with a 24/7 PEACE-Business-Mindset.

After Military Tour to Belgium, without mediation to move back to an affordable residence at The Hague, Michael & Angela bought a house at Tynaarlo, Drenthe*, NL in 2005.
Michael, partner and children lived at Military Base Housing at S.H.A.P.E. Belgium and had to find a place to relocate, also because Jordan would soon leave kindergarden and start basic education. Education in Dutch was not nearby, since S.H.A.P.E. was located in The French Region of Belgium.

Military employment contract was a so called BBT-contract and with Earthly NL Military Rank that Michael had at that moment, this was max. until the age of 35 years old. For approximately 1 year (July 2005-July 2006) Michael traveled back & forth between home at Tynaarlo and S.H.A.P.E. Belgium. A health issue occurred with Angela and therefore Michael could no longer work at Belgium, because of care for their 2 children. Personnel Officer at S.H.A.P.E. arranged a Military job nearby, however foreign allowance from Military stopped. Due to financial circumstances placed house for sale in November 2006 and with an urgency statement, some later received a letter that a social housing association residence was available at Assen, Drenthe, NL in December 2006.

The house in Tynaarlo was sold in May 2007 and left Michael with a mortgage debt which would last until in 2019 to pay off. In 2007 Michael received an honorable discharge on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix for Her Royal NL Army. As far as the house at Tynaarlo was concerned, Michael took a chance to try to generate enough financial income to pay for mortgage payments, after employment with RNLA ended. That career would end at RNLA School Battalion at Assen, NL was unexpected. Back then, generating enough financial income to pay for mortgage payments did not work out. A short time after, the family car was sold too.

In 07-2007 registered, in 2008 started researching what could Foster Community and in 2020 started researching what could Foster PEACE situation for All People at Earth, in this Universe. That Quest for PEACE started to also include Economy with Very Good (or Better) Jobs for all employable People.

In 2009 Michael started to work as an ‘interim’ for StartPeople at NL Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Life stock Management. During employment period, Ministries were reorganised and work continued with NL Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation, at the same location at Assen, NL, until in 2011 when an internal reorganisation out-sourced some IT positions to Capgemini (France) with a base at NL. This out-sourcing included ICT Service Desk Job Position that Michael filled. Note: It’s possible this job position disappeared, due to new technology which earlier had started to be rolled out (an ICT system migration) at that Ministry.

~ Michael has an Earthly marriage since in 1997 with Angela Marie Pannell (1965) (whom is part Native American) (they married at Big Bear, California, U.S.A.). Angela biologically brought forth 4 children before marriage with Michael, namely: Joshua M. (1982), Cristopher D. (1983), Jonathan (y?) & Sarah E. (?y). Angela with Joshua & Cristopher moved to The Hague, NL in January 1998 and Angela biologically brought forth 2 children: Jordan A. (The Hague, NL, 1998) & Jacob M. (Soignies, BE, 2000). In June 1999, Michael, Angela, Joshua, Cristopher & Jordan moved to Belgium and Joshua graduated from an American High School. After this, Cristopher moved back to the U.S.A. ±18 y.old (biol.) to Angela’s biological Mom.
Joshua enlisted in The US Navy and left ±20 y.old (biol.).
In September 2013 Angela moved back to her Country of birth: U.S.A. and Jordan and Jacob went along.

*) Drenthe: Province Drenthe in the past was a financially poor area. Earlier generations did not have the financial wealth of e.g. Amsterdam & The Hague. Their main export product was peat, which was extracted from the ground, with relatively intensive labour, compared to the ‘labour’ to try to make money with money to begin with.
Dried peat was used as an energy source for warming interiors of houses. If those earlier generations were given a fair bargaining position, this peat could have been like metaphorical gold won from the ground. The opposite is true, their bargaining position was poor and people were given a very low price for their labour and product: peat.
Lets be real about this, sometimes warming bodies during cold winters had priority, if enough food & drink was in stomachs.
With barely enough to buy necessities for biological physical existence, there was very little financial room, if any, to save & invest money to develop the residential areas and set-up an economy, besides extracting/drying/selling peat. There was some well-to-do population as far as having financial wealth, however not the majority. Trade variety let to be desired and for the majority of the population there were mostly low-creative jobs, with mostly minimum wages, not ‘living’ wages.
How opposite has it been with: oil. Oil providing countries were given a much fairer price and some were therefore able to invest in their economy, besides winning oil, which has been metaphorically named: ‘black gold’.

We were interested in a Building at Assen for Home Base UNITED HOLLAND, COMMUNITY.BUSINESS, REALLIFE.DESIGN & Sensible.Guide. It’s called ‘Villa Aschwing’ and was build in 1877. In 16 January 2024, We did a conditional proposal to owner of property via their real estate agent. If we would have happened to resource the address, it may have later been renamed (and perhaps replaced with a NEW BUILDING): VILLA BEAUTÉ

In 2007-in 2013, Michael, Angela, Jordan & Jacob had domain registered to their Home Address.

Update 18 January 2024: Real Estate Agent for Villa Aschwing notified us that current hirer has extended rental agreement with some years. (messages from Us to real estate agent and last response from real estate agent. | pdf)

In 20 January 2024, We send a message to Capgemini via their contact form | pdf, to build & manage IT-/Transaction System for Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ components: CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ & Elegant.Boutique™. (note: 19-2-2024, We have later added Elegant.Store™ too)

In 22 January 2024, We send messages to IT Companies Accenture | pdf, SAP | pdf & Car Manufacturer BMW | pdf for a Fleet proposal, via their contact forms and in 25 January 2024 to Car-/Cargo vehicle Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz | pdf for a Fleet Proposal as well.

In 26 January 2024, We send a Partnership proposal to SAP | pdf and in 30 January 2024 a Follow-up Proposal to SAP | pdf.

In 31 January 2024, We send a LinkedIn connection request to CEO SAP | pdf, which was not accepted.

In 7 February 2024, We send a Follow-up Proposal to Capgemini | pdf.

In 9 February 2024, We send a LinkedIn InMail to CEO Capgemini | pdf & CEO Accenture | pdf.

In 9 February 2024, We received a reply from Mercedes-Benz and We answered with a message | pdf to a dialog email address of Mercedes-Benz with its’ CEO as Chair person.

In 19 February 2024 ± 9:00pm, We have not received response concerning IT/Transaction System from Capgemini, Accenture & SAP.
Even though India* momentarily is not a Listed Country of UNITED HOLLAND, We may decide to try to contact Forbes Global 2000 Listed IT Company TATA Consultancy Services.

*) India: Is Part of The Commonwealth, with which We seek complementation (not competition), with Exceptions: Pakistan & South-Africa are Both Commonwealth Members & UNITED HOLLAND Listed Countries, however also to complement.

In 19 February 2024 ±10:28pm, We have not received further response from Mercedes-Benz, and no response from BMW since initial message.
We may decide to try to contact Forbes Global 2000 Listed Car Manufacturers: Japanese Toyota, US American Ford & Chinese SAIC.

You may ask why We are also interested in Car Companies to offer 25% (minimum) of Publivity™ C.S.R. System/Excellentor™ Membership fee and to invite as Elegant.Partners™?

The 3 main answers may have already Spiritually been shared with you:

  1. For transportation of UNITED HOLLAND/COMMUNITY.BUSINESS Personnel( and cargo)!;
  2. A big ‘market’ for™ Options for vehicles customisation, which could be Creative-/’Living wages’ Jobs providing for The Public;
  3. Financial position to Partner with rolling out Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™.

In 20 February 2024, We sent a message (pdf) to CEO TATA Consultancy Services, via Linkedin InMail, with an Introduction and Proposal.

In 20 February 2024, We sent an email (pdf) to CEO TOYOTA, with an Introduction and Proposal. In 21 February 2024, We received notice that this email could not be delivered (retry timeout exceeded), so We decided to resend another email (pdf) to another email address of TOYOTA.

In 21 February 2024, We sent a LinkedIn InMail message (pdf) to CEO Ford, via Chief Communications Officer, with an Introduction and Proposal.
We also sent an email (pdf) to Executive Management SAIC Motor, with an Introduction and Proposal.

In 21 February 2024, We sent an email to CEO Volkswagen, via Head of Global Group Communications. In 25 February 2024 We sent a correction (date of Invention in August 2023, instead of 2024) (both in this: pdf).

We may buy this property for as Our New Elegant.Maison:

Paleisstraat 2, The Hague, NL
  • Main Office (postal) Address UNITED HOLLAND / COMMUNITY.BUSINESS / REALLIFE.DESIGN / Sensible.Guide;
  • ‘Flagship’ Elegant.Store™ & Elegant.Boutique™ Establishments with Premium Community.Productions™ Labeled:™ & Elegant.Moda™ Products.

1) Elegant.Center™

  • CommunityBusiness.Events™:
    • with meals & drinks;
    • with some lodging possibility.

1a) Residence Michael ‘ELINE’ Roeten

  • with perhaps:
    • Angela, Jordan & Jacob;
    • Lilian, Xenia & Phoebe;
    • (Our Mom Gerdina Maria Johanna & Rob).


Momentarily there is an opportunity to make a voluntary non-binding investment in Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™. If you would like to take up on this opportunity, you may transfer an amount of your choice with a minimum of € 500 to bank account mentioned below (in the footer) with reference: “Voluntary non-binding investment”. If applicable, financially, you will receive your investment back, with a fair extra amount transferred to the account you used to make your voluntary non-binding investment.

NL: Dutch

Momenteel is er een mogelijkheid om een vrijwillige niet-bindende investering te doen in Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™. Als je van deze gelegenheid gebruik wilt maken, dan kun je een bedrag naar keuze met een minimum van € 500 overmaken naar onder vermeld (in de footer) rekeningnummer met omschrijving: “Vrijwillige niet-bindende investering”. Indien van toepassing, financieel, ontvang je jouw investering terug met een fair extra bedrag op je bankrekening vanuit welke je een vrijwillige niet-bindende investering deed.