HumaneDynamics™ With Some Principles

Greetings PEOPLE FAMILY Member,

What’s in Our Journey Today?

We live at a Planet where PEACE lets to be HOPED for.

With PEOPLE FAMILY, we try to use and/or update what previous generations as legacy left us.

COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ is NOT a non-profit Community System.
Reason is that in Our current Economy, we have an exchange system with trade.
We therefore try to work with what was passed on from earlier Family Members.

Faith: Perhaps you have not received personal SPIRITUAL REVELATION(S) concerning TRUTH. And that with CAPITAL LETTERS, so not personal Spiritual Revelations, neither personal spiritual revelations.
Suggestion to ask with inner voice: “To me HIGHEST BEINGS or HIGHEST BEING, I ask you an undeniable sign that you exist.” You may like to add: “Because I can not Biological Physical verify that message(s) from (an)other person(s) and/or (a) book(s) and/or (an) internet site(s) came as (a) SPIRITUAL REVELATION(S) with CAPITAL LETTERS.”




PEACE: Priority, Settling: Secondary, Let Us Try To Solve Our Inherited Universal Quest.

Are You With Us?

You may be well aware that HOPE for PEACE and working to try to attain PEACE is The LOGICAL thing to do, instead of before PEACE trying to live in an illusional paradise bubble.

What if you think: “I’m trying to get by without ‘making waves’, I try to be comfortable, because why would I take risks that could jeopardise that comfort?”

First of all, you being here ‘makes waves’ and not taking risks for the right reasons could seriously jeopardise comfort you experience. Passive living is a big risk, you are here for active living and active living may be blessed and you can experience happiness and satisfaction, knowing you’re actively doing your part.

Then there’s another reason that may activate you and that is this one: “The Kingdom” will have higher Job spaces available for those with experience. It’s like muscles that received training, thinking about others’ wellbeing. Example: Being King/Queen is also very much a supportive role and there’s no room for an ego-centered attitude and work approach.

You are asked to support your Family Members (not help, Agape has left this Universe, so not really asking for heroic actions anymore. You being here may be more important for PEACE situation in this Universe, than of those you try to ‘save’. Plus, not causing a biological physical threat makes you not responsible and if it was by accident, you could not prevent that either, again no heroic action asked.). You are asked to be a PEACE Maker, and this we believe to be true… they shall inherit PEACE. That is not to say that others do not enter “The Kingdom”, it’s that those with experience and trained consideration muscles, will be able to fill higher Job positions with on average more rest. Those that sat back to relax A LOT, couldn’t prevent that and was meant to happen, however the more comfortable/relaxing Jobs go to the ones that worked more for wellbeing of others, because they are trained more. It would take time to educate People later and if you choose to act now, chance is that you qualify earlier for higher Jobs, also when PEACE is attained. Sounds like a plan? Yes, then continue reading…

We’re One PEOPLE FAMILY, so Let Ourselves Be Humane with Others. [image] and (metaphorically) hold hands both Personal & in Business.

HumaneDynamics™ Some Principles

  1. Ability to sin ended approximately 1975 years ago, when “Jesus” fulfilled the old “Hebrew” Law. As a result that old “Hebrew” Law ended. People were still able to do evil actions (evil: a cargo of magic. In past evil was a cargo of Magic too, however BLACK was recently reconsiled with WHITE (not about skin colour) and BOTH had tried to do (more than) VERY GOOD with what was given to THEM.) Recently SPIRITUALLY UNLOCKED that All BEINGS/Beings/beings in this UNIVERSE are INNOCENT and All tried at least Very Good with what was given to them, including their Belief Systems & Situations they did not SELF/Self/self Design.
    We do not believe that all of the Christian Bible is true. Some We believe to be true, like 1 John 2:2 “atonement for all sins of the world”, however not that all of book 1 John is true.
  2. We are in a FEMALE UNIVERSE and All BEINGS/Beings/beings herein are FEMALE GIRLS/Girls/girls. (FEMININE EDUCATION & FOREVERGIRLS EDUCATION – link: at this site) A Parallel UNIVERSE Exists, wherin All BEINGS/Beings/beings therein are ANOTHER SORT OF FEMALE than in Our UNIVERSE. We expect that We will be UNITED in a NEW REALM with those currently in Parallel UNIVERSE.
  3. Marriage requirement ended approximately 1975 years ago and was no longer necessary for Sexual Intercourse Intimacy. It became Polyamory (instead of monogamy)
  4. Since approximately 1975 years ago, Spiritual Short-Circuit situations no longer happened as a result of Sexual Intercourse Intimacy with someone else with same Sexe.
  5. Momentarily 1st & 2nd 1/6 Souls are permanently conscious in biological body, the 3rd & 4th 1/6 Souls are biological human body based, however concerning biological activity they can be in stasis and their conscious is then in what can be compared to an advanced ‘dream-state’, however a realistic ‘dream-state’, connected to Spiritual Realms and biological physical situations. The other 5th & 6th 1/6 Souls can also be in a comparable ‘dream-state’. If THE HOLY SPIRIT (A SET-APART REALM) is given to a person/Soul, then all 6 x 1/6 Souls present in biological human body may be experienced if that is GIVEN by HIGHER AUTHORITY. This is beyond control of any 1 or more 1/6 Souls of a person/Full Soul (6/6).
  6. Regarding separation facilities: Earthly Government may intervene in some situations and biological physical separate person(s) from Public, because belief system(s) regarding TRUTH lets to be desired. There are valid excuses for All People. Persons separated from Public, whom talk about past action(s) may be ‘Key’ for Release back to Public. Thoughts were inspired from outside the brain and processing had to do with not self designed (incorrect) belief systems and situations.
    All People seek LOVE & Belonging, and if that let (much/some) to be wished for, a way out of that situation may have been searched for and (strongly/actively) pursued.
    We believe that separation facilities will become obsolete and be destroyed.
  7. We are 100% compliant, compatible ‘actors’ in THE SCRIPT for This UNIVERSE. This THE SCRIPT was CREATED a long time ago by MAGIC, because Existence of/Contact between HIGHER BEINGS. All of Our Evolving Blueprints, including processing of inspirations and feelings were calculatable for forming That THE SCRIPT.