Corporate Social Responsibility? Publivity™ C.S.R.

Corporate Social Responsibility System: Publivity™

Your Corporate Social Responsibility Humane Sensible Integrated with in 2023 Invented Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™?

Corporate Social Responsibility for your Company in a Way that makes sense.
Whether you represent an Enterprise Business or non-Enterprise Business,
We have an offer for you to engage with Dear Public The ‘COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™’-Way, via:

Our Publivity™ C.S.R. System (by Company: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS).

With Publivity Corporate Social Responsibility System, Participants go for attaining PEACE Situation at Earth and in this Universe!

Note: What follows next is part an overall picture. Emphasis is awareness, not legalism. You may be (more) active in one or more areas, while you may be (more) passive in one or more areas.

Your Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) Approach would be with/as:

  • Community Exponential Multiplier Effect & Factor (CommunityFactoring™ ~link at this Site), for if you could use some inspiration.
  • HumaneDynamics™ (~link at this Site);
  • COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ > CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ > Semi-finished Product Supplier;
  • Professional.Community™ Membership, If based at a UNITED HOLLAND Listed Country. Managed by UNITED HOLLAND (

Furthermore Approach with:

  • Missions.Menu™-Framework;
  • Treasure.Gifts™.


As a Publivity™ Member, you are eligible to Co-Organise COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ CommunityBusiness.Events™, provided to some Public (if applicable ~ at additional cost). These may be hosted at (a) COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ Establishment(s) when available and/or at temporary rented venues.

COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ > CommunityWorkshop.Pro™

As a Publivity™ Member, you are eligible to supply Semi-finished Products to (a) CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s) when available. Citizens Community Members may then propose designs to finish* those Semi-finished Products into Finished Products at (a) CommunityWorkshop.Pro Establishment(s), with Community.Productions™ Product Labels.

*) Fair finishing materials may be provided by Semi-finished Product Supplier.

Publivity™ Professional.Community™ Membership, Managed by UNITED HOLLAND Elegant.Land™. [This is for Companies based at UNITED HOLLAND Listed Countries.]

Your Project(s)/Program(s)/Partnership Proposal(s) Shown via Proposal.Show™(s) at Joynen™ of UNITED HOLLAND as Publivity™ Member, at applicable Matter(s)/Country or Countries.


Mentioned earlier was approaching your business with Missions.Menu™-Framework.

We defined 16 different Matters (Food, Beverages, Clothing etc.) which for PEACE BALANCE (EQUILIBRIUM) probably need to be updated, in balance with available Human – & Nature Resources.

We’ll go over this with you, for your business to have in Your Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) Mission, together with Actions and by us defined Functional Layers for those matters, if you onboard.


With Treasure.Gifts™ you’ll approach Public as having (im)material gifts to build & nourish others. Instead of People only buying from your Business, Your Business may also ‘buy’ gifts from Public… via Treasure.Gifts™… For Public Treasuring Companies.

As Members, after you earned it, you’ll receive license to use the trademarked name: Treasure.Gifts™ at your site(s) for ‘Family Resourcing’ (crowdsourcing) purposes.

With SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE from HIGHEST AUTHORITY | For Regalised Business, Dear to Public!


We momentarily accept new Clients, however there may be a waiting list soon.

Financial Investment/Pricing

Publivity™ C.S.R. System Membership (with random client site(s) monitoring))

Company (non-Enterprise)
~1st 90 days, 1,5% (Excellentor™ option + 1%) of last 12 months revenue, minimum payment from* EUR 7970 (Excellentor™ option + EUR 5313) excl. VAT
~after 90 days, per month, 0,25% (Excellentor™ option +0,16%) of last 12 months revenue, minimum payment from* EUR 497 (Excellentor™ option + EUR 331) excl. VAT.

Enterprise Company
~1st 120 days, 1,75% (Excellentor™ option + 1,16%) of last 12 months revenue, excl. VAT
~after 120 days, per month, 0,25% (Excellentor™ option +0,16%) of last 12 months revenue, excl. VAT

Form: Request Publivity™ Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) System Membership

Members may, after 90/120 days Membership and Membership continuation, display Publivity™ C.S.R. (System) (recommended).

If Excellentor™ Member also, then after 90/120 days Membership and Membership continuation, applicable Excellentor™ Emblem (below) may be displayed at Company Internet Site(s) (recommended):

There may follow a Publivity™ Membership Directory, via :

In this Directory, for example: Listings of Semi-finished Products (of Business/Enterprise Publivity™ Members), to perhaps be finished at (a/some) CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s) AND listings of Treasure.Gifts™ Crowdsourcing opportunities for Public.

There may follow an Excellentor™ Membership Directory, via